Walnut Kitchen Butcher Block Island Cart

24" x 60" 4" Walnut

Edge Grain Kitchen Island Cart

Walnut Island Cart 24" x 60" x 4" Thick Walnut Edge Grain Block

These gathering blocks made with a walnut base. Solid walnut legs with an 4" thick edge grain walnut top. The tops are made 4" thick and are 24" wide 60" long. These butcher block tops are edge grain made out of black American walnut wood. Each table features a pull out drawer large enough for a full size butcher knife. Butcher block tops are finished with a food save mineral oil and bees wax. Slated shelf with room for extra storage.

  • 24" deep x 60" long x 34" tall 
  • Walnut edge grain top is 4" thick
  • Natural food safe oil finish
  • Bases made with solid walnut 
  • Tapered leg made out of solid walnut

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