Walnut Veneto Conference Table

Walnut Veneto Conference Table

Price: $7,148.00
Walnut Veneto Conference Table

Handcrafted with solid walnut wood, McClure’s Walnut Veneto Conference Table feature a rich, dark coloration to add a sense of sophistication and character to your office space or conference room. The table features intricately curved Veneto legs and a 2" thick continuous rail walnut butcher block top.

Table Top Made With Premium Full-Length Rails of Walnut

McClure’s Walnut Veneto Conference Tables are made with beautiful hand-selected full-length rails to give a uniform color and appearance not found in blended grain furniture. These conference tables feature premium-grade, locally sourced Walnut to make the full-length rail table tops as beautiful and durable as possible.

Available in:
  • 84" x 48" (Seats 4-6 people)
  • 120" x 48" (Seats 8-10 people)
  • 168" x 48" (Seats 12-14 people)
  • Lacquer or Clear Organic Seal Finish
  • Edge Grain top with full length Rails
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