How to Play on your Shuffleboard Table.

There are a number of ways to learn how to play on a shuffleboard table but all players should strive for the three main objectives. Every time you play shuffleboard practice the following:

  1. THE WELL PLACED PUCK – This is of the most important skills to develop! Learn how to place your puck as far down the board as possible, without having it fall off the far end. This skill is best attained with frequent practice.
  2. ATTACK OPPONENT'S PUCKS – As you learn how to play shuffleboard try to bump and knock off your opponent's highest scoring pucks to prevent them from scoring. This skill is also best attained with frequent practice.
  3. BLOCKING OR PROTECTING YOUR OWN PUCKS – The method of doing this is called blocking or screening a puck, a familiar tactic seen in football and basketball. Simply place as many of your pucks in front of your highest scoring puck so that your opponent will not be able to knock you off or score. Never place a blocking puck too close to your scoring pucks, because a good opponent will be able to bump them all off the board.

Shuffleboard requires equal ability with both hands. With a lot of practice you too can learn how to play shuffleboard with equal skill with either hand. Practice by trying to shoot an equal number of shots with either hand. Learning to do this will greatly improve your chances of winning.

When you first learn how to play shuffleboard you may find it easier to shoot your pucks from the center of the board. However most players will learn it is more accurate to shoot from the edge or side of the board. This way you can use your thumb, index and middle fingers to grip the puck, while you use the third and fourth finger to slide along the edge of the shuffleboard surface. This way the edge of the board will act as a guide to assist in balance and control. You will find that this will give you a much greater degree of accuracy in placing your pucks on the shuffleboard table.

The use of English (also known as twist or sidespin) on a puck being delivered on a shuffleboard table greatly improves the accuracy. Similar to its use in billiards, using English gives you more control over the puck's placement and how it will react after it hits another puck. To put English on a shot simply twist your thumb and forefinger away from the wrist and in toward the body as you release the puck. As with most skills, acquiring and developing this one will take a lot of practice. But when properly used, it greatly improves a puck's chances of remaining on the board after it makes contact with an opponent's puck. The English acts as a brake, holding it in place. Very high skilled players use English to hide delivered pucks behind pucks already on the board, thus gaining the advantage of having a just-delivered puck well blocked without further play.

For some tips and advise on how to play table shuffleboard rules check out the link below but if you want to improve your shuffleboard shooting skills Learn how to make better Table shuffleboard shots here

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