Tap & Draw Game Rules

Basic Tap & Draw Gameplay

This is an excellent game for a beginner who is opposing a skilled player. The object of the game is to shuffle your pucks up to the farthest scoring position on the board, without knocking ANY pucks off the board. In this game, it is an advantage to shuffle the first puck. A game is NOT complete until the player or team, which has been shooting last, has taken its last turn at the board, even though the player or team shooting first has already scored 51 points or more. If both teams go over 51 points, the one with the final highest score is the winner.

How To Throw Shuffleboard Pucks In Tap & Draw

Pucks are shuffled alternately, until all eight have been shuffled, completing one round of play. You may try to tap your own puck, with the purpose of sending it farther up the board, but if you knock your own puck off the board, it stays off and out of play. If you knock your opponent’s puck off the board, your puck will be removed from play, and your opponent’s puck will be replaced on the board in its original position. If you knock your opponent’s puck off the board, and at the same time advance one or more of your own pucks to higher scoring areas, your pucks must be returned to their original positions, your opponent’s pucks replaced in their original position, and your shooting puck must be removed from the board. If you tap any of your opponent’s pucks so that they advance, they remain in the better scoring position.

How To Score Shuffleboard in Tap & Draw

If playing like traditional Knock Off, scoring is to 15 points and score counting is identical to Knock Off, in which a puck scores one-point if it is located between the designated foul line and the two-line, two or three points if the puck is completely across the two or three lines, and four if you have a mythical hanger.

If playing like Horse Collar, scoring is to 51 points and scoring rules are the same as those in Horse Collar. This means no scoring at all unless there is at least one puck completely in the three-point zone, 13-point zone, or 26-point zone. Once the first points have been scored, traditional shuffleboard rules apply, except for the larger points awarded to all pucks overhanging the board at the far end, for 13 points, and all pucks overhanging the left- and/or right-hand corner of the board, for 26 points.

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We hope you find these game rules and tips helpful for enjoyment of your shuffleboard table.

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