Target Shuffleboard Rules

Basic Target Gameplay

Target shuffleboard is played the same way as regular shuffleboard, except there is a target area for the scoring instead of foul lines. This version can also be played by individuals or in teams. Briefly, the objective is to slide all four of your pucks against those of your opponent, so that they reach the highest scoring area without falling off the end of the board. Players take turns sliding their pucks until all eight pucks have been slid. This completes the turn and only the winner scores. The game is usually played until 21 points, but that can vary.

How To Throw the Shuffleboard Pucks In Target

Players typically decide by coin toss who shall shoot first and which color each shall have. Standing at the same end of the table, the first player shuffles the first puck toward the Target at the opposite end of the playing field. The opponent then shuffles their first puck, attempting either to knock off the other player’s puck or to place their own in a higher scoring position. At the end of each round, the player, or team, whose puck is in the highest scoring zone is winner of that round. The players then proceed to the opposite end of the shuffleboard, and another frame is begun, with the winner of the previous frame shooting first puck.

How To Score Shuffleboard In Target

The player’s score per frame is determined by adding the values of all their leading pucks that lie in a higher scoring position than an opponent’s highest scoring weight. The value of the winner’s scoring pucks is determined by the Target zone in which they lie.

Any puck on the board that clears the foul line nearest the players and does not completely clear the line of the outer or larger Target ring scores one-point. Pucks that completely clear the outer Target ring and lie within larger ring zone or that don’t completely clear the line of the intermediate ring score two-points. Any pucks that completely clear the line of the intermediate ring and lie within the zone between it and the black inner ring score three-points. A puck that in any way touches the black inner ring of the target scores four-points, whereas a puck that completely covers the black inner ring of the target scores five-points.

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