Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules

Horse Collar Game Play

Horse Collar shuffleboard games are played one-on-one or with two or more teams of two players. In this game, team partners shoot from the same end of the board, while in a one-on-one match they shoot opposite of each other. Each player or team uses one set of colored pucks (four for teams of two, eight for one-on-one) to make their attempts at scoring. Depending on the number of players, teams may need to alternate ends as the frames change.


Frames continue on until one player or team has scored the magic number of 51 points. This score doesn’t necessarily win you the game, as the winner must have the last shot in their hand (“the hammer”) in order to claim victory for him or herself. Every player or team gets to finish each frame and the highest score is the winner. During gameplay, no players are allowed to leave their position to check a weight to see what their partner or opponent has thrown.

How To Throw Shuffleboard Pucks In Horse Collar

With the object being to score the most points, the concept of throwing shuffleboard pucks in Horse Collar is somewhat simple. It’s just getting your pucks to go where you want that is complicated. Before a player or team can score any points at all, at least one puck must be a three-pointer or more. From there the scoring breaks down slightly different that the typical shuffleboard game.

How To Keep Score In Horse Collar

Any pucks past the designated foul line are eligible to be counted when scoring in Horse Collar as long as there is one puck in the three-point section. The traditional scoring for most shuffleboards game is in play when it comes to pucks that land within the one-point, two-point and three-point section. However, “hangers,” or pucks that hang over the edge of the board in three-point territory, are worth more points. In the game of Horse Collar Hanging pucks in the middle of the board are worth 13 points, while pucks residing on the corners are worth 26. As mentioned previously, once a player has scored 51 points, and only once they have

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